The mystery of the names of Apator electricity meters

There are some exceptions but generally speaking, electricity meters are usually chosen and installed without thinking about their names and origins. The names of most meter models on the market are a combination of letters and numbers. They have no positive or negative connotations, they are just a certain kind of a "technical combination".

The names of Apator electricity meters sound a bit different. They are distinguished on the market thanks to their names but no one thinks about what they really mean. It might be surprising to find out that the name of each meter from our production line is carefully selected and well-thought. The names are not random, they fit the longtime product naming standard, as every Apator meter has its own distinctive features which are reflected in its name. One is a smart meter, the other is distinguished by its speed, while another uses innovative solutions and is multi-functional.

We can reveal some of the mystery: the names of Apator electricity meters come from the animal world and Latin. They were inspired by fish, birds, and mammals that have distinctive features, just like our products do. 

What do the unknown names of the known meters really mean?






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