Business Ethics

The establishment of relations with partners basing on mutual trust and benefits is the basic principle of our work. For this reason, we promote ethics, honesty and partnership in all aspects of our activity.

We care not to fail the trust of our Partners and Shareholders by acting in a reliable, responsible and honest manner.

We care about reliable and honest communication with all groups of our stakeholders. We conduct an open and sincere information policy concerning the results and perspectives of the company in order to strengthen the main characteristics of our brand.


Communication with stakeholders

current reports, financial statements, conferences, meetings, newsletters press conferences, press materials and information meetings, trainings, trade fairs, conferences, newsletter provision of suitable conditions of work, activity of trade unions,
broadcasting centre, internal magazine
Lotus Notes platform, meetings of the employees with the Executive Board
Cooperation in business, sponsoring, charity, performance of common projects,
conferences and meetings
We present current information on activities of the company to our shareholders and investors We present to the most important events to the community by use of regional, sector and national media We reach directly to our customers We communicate with our employees who create organizational culture of the Company We reach to important for us institutions organizations and strengthen cooperation with them, owing to them we develop


Code of Ethics of Grupa Apator

Code of Ethics of Grupa Apator is the set of supreme values and norms for Grupa Apator that supports the performance of business tasks and builds proper relationships with the environment. It describes the attitudes that are expected the most by our shareholders, customers and partners in business.

For the employees the Code of Ethics is the guideline indicating required attitude in particular very often difficult situations for the employee, requiring intervention or the assistance of the superior.

The provisions of the Code of Ethics are binding in Apator SA and domestic subsidiaries.

Code of Ethics of Grupa Apator (download)


General principles of advertisement and promotion

In marketing, sponsoring and promotion we use the highest ethical standards – we observe binding legal regulations, we follow good practice, idea of social responsibility and the rules of fair competition.

Rules of advertisement (download)


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