Attractive workplaces

Internal communication

Good atmosphere and relations

Organization culture in Apator is based on frankness, friendship and attitude to achieve common success. We appreciate interpersonal relationships, working in a nice atmosphere and inventiveness. If we collaborate, we make use of mutual skills and experience, both learning new issues.

In Apator, we make use of the following communication forms:
  • internal magazine – „Flesz Apatora”
    In magazine current topics related to the company and employees are presented.

  • company's broadcasting center
    Announcements are presented by broadcasting center and they make that all the employees are informed on current bases about changes and important events in the company.

  • meetings of representatives of the Executive Board with employees
    During regular meetings the Executive Board presents the employees the results of the Company and plans for the future and perspective of the development. All the most current topics related to the life of the company are sent by use of newsletter.

Flesz Apatora

Safety and Health at Work

  • Orders concerning Safety and Health at Work
    The management system in Apator operates with the management of Safety and Health at Work according to the standard PN-EN 18001:2004.

    The issue of Safety and health at Work are regulated by internal procedures in the Company: Safety at work and Identification of threats and assessment of professional risk. Prior the publication of procedures and their changes are made and projects are submitted to trade unions to get their opinion. Deep analysis of records included in the procedures provides with protection of rights of the employees of the Company in the scope in the broad sense of the term of safety and health at work.

  • Comfortable workplaces
    Apator permanently takes care to raise the comfort of working. One of the actions is the transfer in 2012 the activity of the Company to the new Company in Pomeranian Special Economic Zone in Ostaszewo. In new Company's functional arranged offices and modern manufacturing halls are about 450 employees.

Passions of employees

Apator promotes vigorous, talented and creative people and employees are the most valuable capital for the Company. We believe that passion in life is translated into enthusiasm and involvement in work. Therefore, we care not only to provide the employees good conditions for effective working but we support their interests and passions too.


  • Get know the enthusiast of road bicycle racing – Jarosław Michałowski


Events for the employees

  • Integrating meetings and family picnics

  • Football tournament

    In 2012 football competition for the employees was arranged for the second time, where football fans with full engagement from administration and manufacturing departments took part. The wining team was presented awards and Cup of the President of Apator SA that was past from the winning team from previous year. Trainings have already started for the next tournament.

  • Christmas Eve meetings

    In our Company, we have always appreciated interpersonal relations and we know that integrating meetings prove that employees of Apator SA are a close team. Before Christmas, Christmas Eve meetings are organized to feel by the employees the magic holiday mood.


Social benefits

  • Employees holidays in Holiday center in Rowy

  • Subsiding of holidays of employees and their families

  • Financing of events for children

  • Holiday benefit cards

  • Subsidized recreation

  • Subsidized renting of flats

  • Subsidized commuters

  • Granting of borrowings and financial allowances

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