Natural environment

Environmental policy

Apator SA conducts the policy directed to protection of the environment and safety at work. The company is environmental friendly. It takes care about ecology by economic management of materials, energy, water and paper and production environmental friendly products. Apator SA promotes ecological actions among its employees and community.

Apator SA takes actions in accordance with binding legal regulations and provisions included in environmental management system according to  PN EN ISO 14001:2005 standard.

Certificates of compliance with the requirements of EU directives:

  • certificate of compliance of the European Union directive ROHS (download)
  • certificate of compliance with requirements of the European Union directive REACH (download)


Impact on natural environment

Management of environmental aspects

  • management of raw materials
    Actions restricting the electricity consumption of electricity, raw materials and natural resources (among other things gas, oil) by making changes in organization of work, introduction of innovations and technological changes and also environment friendly investments;
  • management of emission to the air
    Prevention of emission to the air already at the stage of design of manufacturing process, measurements, monitoring and analysis of emission;
  • management of sewages
    Prevention of sewages: every employee is obligated to take measures leading to save water in the area of its activity, notify of damages in water supply network and fittings, employees of process engineering department during the development of their new technologies or modernization of current ones, strive to most optimal solutions (restriction of water consumption, reduction of sewages, avoidance of sewages containing hazardous substances);
  • management of wastes
    Recycling, segregation, transfer of wastes to utilization.


Products environmental friendly

  • products sustaining natural resources
    The objective of the Company is to provide safety and high quality products with the lowest possible disturbance the environment, providing safety of working in manufacturing conditions. Therefore, design engineers are responsible for the assessment of potential influence of new designed product on environment and assessment of raw materials and technological processes having in mind environment friendly aspect.
  • utilization of the products used
    Collection from domestic and foreign customers, electricity meters that are submitted to utilization.


Ecological education

  • programme of segregation of wastes
    Waste segregation system is operating in order to reduce the volume of wastes in the Company-in manufacturing halls manufacturing wastes like cardboards, plastics are segregated and there are containers for paper wastes in the administration area.
  • saving of electricity 
    In the area of the Company, there are special markings that encourage saving electricity which have contribution in increased awareness of responsibility for the surrounding environment by the employees.
  • collection of equipment used and flat batteries
    There are organized several times in a year free of charge collections of electrical and electronic equipment used

  • local initiatives
    Apator actively collaborate with Regional Agency for Energy Saving in Toruń, by the performance of "Economic management of energy" project that is aimed at making the knowledge on saving of electricity wider and striving to sustainable development.
  • sustaining natural resources developments in the offer

    • Portal of prepayment electricity meters Portal of prepayment electricity meters
      In 2011, Apator started with its website – educational portal promoting sustainable natural environment ideas. The website is the concise set of general knowledge on modern prepayment electricity meters of LEW type that application has the influence on economic consumption of electricity. Visit webpage

    • MoniTorus
      MoniTorus is professional, modern tool to manage with energy for persons who wants to save and make analysis on current basis the costs incurred for the consumption of utility services. MoniTorus is the first of all conscious and effective. Optimization bringing real financial and non financial benefits – reduced volume of energy consumed means decreased exploitation of natural resources and more clear natural environment. More information on the website

Sustainable development investments

The milestone of the Company in development of modern and sustainable development of technological solutions was to make the design of new Company in Ostaszewo.

In modern building of the Company, the following solutions have been applied:

  • most recent high tech heating and ventilation systems in offices and partly manufacturing area,
  • GHP heating-cooling aggregates supplied by natural gas except heat and cool they produce also electricity used for own needs,
  • heat recuperation systems,
  • recycling and recovery of wastes,
  • shutters controlled automatically by weather station connected with saving light lighting of offices and other areas,
  • reduction of number of working vehicles powered by not renewable fuels.

Leader of Polish Ecology 2011

Lider Polskiej Ekologii 2011Apator was awarded in category "Product" in the scope of equipment that serves to pre-paid and post paid metering systems. The own design developments of Apator SA of the products lead to save utility services consumption and at the same time they reduce the negative impact on environment and extraction of natural resources.

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