Support to young talents

Pasjopolis – scholarship programme

Idea of the programme

Young, talented people in Poland very often struggle with many problems (including financial ones) that make them unable to development their interests and skills. Therefore, our sponsoring we aimed at the support of young talents representing different areas of science and art. It is the consequence of current sponsoring of Apator, which since many years has supported educational actions and initiatives that promoted talented youth. (see "Euroelektra" Knowledge on Electricity and Electronics Contest "Energy under control", "Sponsoring of young sportsmen").
In 2011 the concept of author scholarship programme was established that Apator implemented with operational partner – Platon Foundation.

Who is aimed the Pasjopolis scholarship programme at?

The scholarships are allowed to be presented to all pupils of upper secondary schools (including grammar schools and specialised secondary schools, technical grammar schools, artistic and professional schools) that have extraordinary passions, develop curious interests can be uncommon successes.

The first edition of the programme (2011/2012) covered the city of Toruń, within II edition (2012/2013 ) we were looking for enthusiasts in Toruń and in Poznań. In the following years Pasjopolis scholarship programme will cover towns where the entities of Grupa Apator are located.

What subjects are included in Pasjpolois scholarship programme?

The scholarships of the following subjects are presented within Pasjopolis scholarship programme:

  • the science like architecture, biology, chemistry, electronics, telecommunication, information technology, electrotechnics, automation, physics, mathematics, economy etc;
  • the humanities like history, sociology, philosophy, Polish, civic education, law, interests in the following areas; literature, music, painting, film, photography, theatre, visual art

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