Static electricity meter for three-phase four-wire networks. Allows direct measurement of active energy in four time-based plans, switched by a built-in realtime clock. An efficient solution available in a wide range of variants.

  • Unidirectional, bidirectional or reverse active energy measurement
  • Measurement of instantaneous power, logging maximum power and excessive power for a billing period
  • Recording load profile (configurable averaging period)
  • Manual, automatic and remote ending of a billing period
  • Memory of 16 billing periods data
  • Real-time clock with a calendar to switch between four rate plans
  • Calendar allowing to define special days, permanent and movable holidays for 20 years forward
  • An option to activate one of the 5 plans (time zones) and to set the time using a button with a seal
  • Communication via an optical port and serial port (RS-485, RS-232 or M-Bus)
  • Impulse output for active power
  • Extensive event logging
  • Resistant to magnetic field
  • Separation of current and voltage circuits (EC3grn)
  • Dedicated LCD display, proper current and voltage circuit connection signalling and voltage and current presence signalling
  • Possibility to read data from the display in case of power failure
  • Controlled by KomPaf software (software protection dongle available as an option)

Technical data

Connection method direct
Rated voltage Un 3x230 / 400 V
Reference current Iref 5 or 10 or 15 or 20 A
Maximum current Imax 60 or 65 or 80 or 100 A
Measurement accuracy of active energy A or B
Power consumption in current circuit <0,05 <0,02
Power consumption in voltage circuit <0,9 / <8 <0,5 / <1,1

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