Multipurpose meter of active and reactive energy for single-phase two-wire networks, designed to operate in prepayment LEWsystem Apator. The autonomous pre­payment mode is complemented by the ability to work in multi-rate credit mode. Advanced calendars func­tions, controlled by a real-time clock, ensure high flex­ibility and configurability for both modes of operation.

  • Bidirectional and reverse measurement of active and reactive energy
  • Measurement of power grid parameters: effective current and voltage, frequency, power factor
  • Measurement of instantaneous power and maximum power
  • Recording load profile
  • Built-in contactor allowing disconnection of the current circuit
  • Operating mode: prepayment, credit or switched prepayment-credit
  • Advanced prepayment functions
  • Manual or automatic ending of a billing period
  • Memory of at least 21 billing periods data
  • Real-time clock managing two switchable complex calendars
  • Calendars supporting 16 time zones and allowing to define any number of special days and permanent holidays, and 240 movable holidays
  • Current and power limiting features
  • Event logging
  • Communication via an optical port
  • TV remote control via infrared port
  • Control via remote LEW CIU customer interface unit
  • LED display for easy readouts in all conditions

Technical data

ModelLEW 1
Connection method direct
Rated voltage Un 230
Reference current Iref 5
Maximum current Imax 40
Measurement accuracy of active energy A or B

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