High-precision, multi-tariff, four-quadrant active and reactive electricity meter, used in three-phase three- or four-wire networks. Dedicated to HV-, MV- or LV-powered users. Features extended capabilities for measuring and logging electrical quantities and energy quality parameters. The optimal solution for high-precision measurements, also in Smart Grid networks. Designed for durability.








  • Measurement of active, reactive and apparent energy
  • Measurement of instantaneous, maximum, redundant and cumulative power
  • Measurement of transformer losses: OLA, NLA, OLR, NLR, I²t, U²t
  • Measurement of network parameters, including: voltages, currents, voltage and current harmonics, frequencies, THD, assymetry factor and neutral wire current
  • Monitoring of power grid parameters: voltage dips and swells; long power outages; current and voltage asymmetry; current flow with no applied voltage; no current flow; exceeded current limit
  • Direct, semi-direct and indirect connection through current transformers, optionally also through voltage transformers
  • Recording of energy in six tariff zones, switched by a built-in real time clock
  • Wide range of recording capabilities for measured parameters:
    - independently configurable profiles with different recording intervals
    - ability to configure a different set of recorded data for each profile
  • Enhanced event logging
    - 7 groups of events, recorded in independent logs
    - Sending immediate event notifications to the host device/system
  • Wide range of recording capabilities for measured parameters in reference periods
    - Up to 50 parameters recorded in reference periods
  • DLMS/COSEM communication protocol, possibility to read measurement data through the PN-EN 62056-21 (IEC1107) protocol
  • Three built-in communication ports: one optical, two serial
  • Interchangeable communication module: 3G/GPRS or Ethernet
  • Built-in emergency power supply connected to an external power source
  • Ability to read energy registers on the display in case of power outage - powered by a replaceable AA battery.
  • Ability to read profiles and reference periods on the LCD


Technical data

ModelsmartESOX pro
Connection method semi-indirect, indirect
                      Rated voltage Un                            
                      3 x 58/100...3x230/400 V                     
  Reference current Iref 1 or 5 A
   Maximum current Imax 6 A

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