We produce, provide and implement IT systems supporting the management of metering information. We offer to make use our competence in projects related to the building of systems and getting, introducing, processing and maintaining of current data concerning network property in the systems.

MDM (Meter Data Management)

Advanced metering infrastructure improves the efficiency of data management. Suitable management of metering information can play key role in advanced AMI systems.




In MDM field we offer the following applications: 

  • SIPO (Metering-Read Out Network Information) application is designed to collect and consolidate metering data: from AMR/AMI systems, read outs of collectors of payment, metering data from distribution automation. It is applied in distribution systems of electricity, water, heat and gas. Management and processing of the data is performed for the needs of billing of a customer (current and forecast ones), analysis (non standard consumptions, periodical changes in the profiles of consumption, changes in quality of power supply parameters, illegal operations of the meter ), calculations, simulations and development of the network (estimation of loadings, power load flow, voltage drops, balancing of the network, loses) running the operations in network (change over, regulation settings of equipment).
  • SIPO – Collector of payment – solution enabling to collect effectively data read outs (automated generation of routes based on map, address data filter of consumer and allocation of them to particular collectors of payment) and inventory of meters – by use of portable PDA type equipment. Moreover, for each point of collection the history of data read out is archived.

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