About the product
Power grid passporting is a process of inventorying grid assets, that is keeping records of information about each of the elements of the grid, including its technical specifications and hierarchy in the data structure.

Power grid passporting consists in the acquisition of actual data about the grid (technical, topological and topographic) from printed and electronic sources, as well as field inventories, and entering them into the IT system in order to maintain the digital model of the power grid up to date. In this way Apator Rector acquires and describes technical data about the elements of the power grid, their mutual relations and location in space. As a result, a digital map of the power grid with its technical data is created.

The aim of power grid passporting is to provide complete and up to date information about grid assets obtained in the process of mass power grid passporting. Passporting provides precise information about:

  • Technical attributes
  • Location
  • Topological connections
  • Full maintenance costs
  • Technical condition
  • Work history

Passporting enables the effective maintenance and planning of new investments and modernizations. Power grid passporting constitutes an essential element of developing smart grids for optimizing of the functioning and maintenance of the power grid, namely station load balancing, area-based support of detecting illegal power consumption. The use of these data also supports for mobile solutions and processes connected with the management of teams working in the field.

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