Electronics tester

Automated device for testing and programming PCBs

An universal, robotic electronics tester built on a durable, compact design
that can be placed anywhere. This machine is designed for automatic PCB
testing and has an additional labeling option. The robot enables fast,
precise handling and positioning of details.




 Device functionalities

  • Universal testing device for PCBs for a variety of products
  • Simultaneous testing in a max. of 12 testers
  • Guaranteed high performance of the device
  • Minimization of downtime and high process repeatability
  • Support for trays with max. dimensions of 600 x 400 mm
  • Tray stack height supported by the device is as much as 8 pieces
  • Several hours of work autonomy
  • Capability to test various products thanks to applied solutions that enable quick tester exchanges
  • Identification and recording of post-process data
  • Reading the DataMatrix code
  • Rapid tester implementation thanks to the use of a measuring probe
  • RFID tester identification system


Compilant with standards


Main device components

  • 6-axis robot
  • Mechanical gripper with the function of taking PCBs from trays and putting them into the testing fixtures
  • Vacuum gripper with the function of picking up and putting away trays
  • Automatic tester identification system with a quick exchange and positioning system
  • Keyence measuring probe for the intuitive and efficient integration of support for new testing devices (one-time operation)
  • Solid base frame that can be easily relocated
  • High-quality tempered glass housing
  • Input and output conveyors
  • Tray destacking system on the input conveyor
  • Tray stacking system on the output conveyor
  • Stationary camera that reads PCB codes and recognizes their
    correct position in the tray
  • Entry and exit gates
  • Label applicator with an integrated printer (optional)


Electronics tester


Device dimensions

Tester elektroniki - Apator

For more information
Mateusz Kontek
Robotization and Automation Department Director
Mobile +48 506 154 002


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