Robotic systems for palletising products
The MODULINE robotic palletising systems are designed for stacking boxes, crates, sacks, cartons, shrink-wrapped packs or any other product in an orderly and reproducible manner on a transport item (pallet, etc.). The use of a robot makes it possible to move products quickly, precisely and safely, with the possibility of creating any movement trajectory and stacking patterns. Our solutions and systems are characterised by speed, stability and high reliability, regardless of whether palletising is done for
individual items or entire layers. The compact, modular, solid palletising
system with user-friendly interface is suitable for any industry. Our
solutions are based on customer needs analysis and are designed with
development plans in mind.


Functionality of MODULINE pro systems

  • Guaranteed high system throughput, up to 65 ppm (packs per minute)
  • Ability to palletise products of different sizes and destination
  • Stacking of products in a stable manner thanks to interlayer spacers
  • Minimised downtime and high process repeatability
  • Handling of 1000x1200 mm and 800x1200 mm pallets, 800x600 mm half pallets as well as non-standard pallets
  • Modular design, allowing the device to be configured and expanded according to customer needs
  • Possibility to configure the process and extend it with additional functions: marking, wrapping, binding, product labelling, vision controls, turntables, top covering, hooding and others
  • Constant verification of the individual stages of the process through the implementation of weight and quantity control systems
  • Robotic systems based on robots operating even several lines at the same time
  • Infeed buffer, thanks to the use of a dedicated automatic pallet magazine to increase work autonomy (optional)
  • Numerous safety systems that comply with the latest standards and regulations
  • Light and sound signaling informing about the line status
  • Possibility to change the height of the load layers
  • User-friendly interface
  • High precision thanks to programmable, repeatable sequence
  • Reduction of time losses through multi-shift operation


For more information
Mateusz Kontek
Robotization and Automation Department Director
Mobile +48 506 154 002


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