Robotic device for loading/unloading of components from/to product trays
The FAGUS stacker/destacker is a universal robotic device designed for
automatic separation of single trays and stacking. The use of a robot
makes it possible to quickly and accurately pick up products from
production lines or put finished products on dedicated trays. The unit
can operate in-line as well as being a separate machine that has a 
compact, mobile design with the ability to be moved. Our solution is
a great way to increase production efficiency, optimising it cost-effectively.
FAGUS not only replaces the monotonous tasks performed by operators, but above
all guarantees high precision and ensures a just-in-time product flow.

FAGUS - Apator

Features and benefits

  • A versatile, cost-effective unit that handles any product depending on individual customer needs
  • The device has a loading, unloading or loading/unloading function
  • Guaranteed high capacity of the device up to 2 seconds/piece
  • Handles trays with a maximum dimensions of 600x400 mm
  • Minimised downtime and high process repeatability
  • Two configurations available: serial (FAGUS 1) and parallel (FAGUS 2)
  • The height of the stack of trays handled by the machine is up to 8 pieces
  • Operating autonomy of up to several hours
  • Possibility to adapt the width of the side walls of the stacking and destacking systems to different types of trays
  • Can be integrated into a production line
  • High reliability and low operating costs
  • Positioning and control of the correct tray position
  • Operation of the device and display of all text messages on a clear, intuitive HMI panel
  • No damage to products during transport on conveyors
  • ESD standard compliance


FAGUS - Apator

Main components of the device

  • SCARA robot
  • Mechanical gripper with product picking function
  • Vacuum gripper with the function of picking up and putting away trays
  • Solid basic frame that can be relocated
  • High-quality tempered glass housing
  • Input and output conveyors: belt and pulley
  • Tray destacking system on the input conveyor
  • Tray stacking system on the output conveyor
  • Arrangements for lifting and positioning the tray in the place where plates are picked up and placed
  • Control system including safety system, intuitive operator panel (HMI) and a number of sensors
  • Danger zone entry/exit valves
  • A system leading the detail out of the robot's reach zone into a supported machine or introducing the detail from a supported machine into the robot's reach zone


For more information
Mateusz Kontek
Robotization and Automation Department Director
Mobile +48 506 154 002


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