Low voltage surge arresters for outdoor applications in low voltage networks.



  • low protection level, independent from steepness and polarity of surge strike
  • high energy absorption capability
  • high resistance to the influence of environmental conditions
  • stability of the characteristics in time
  • wide range of terminals and assembling accessories
  • permanent disconnecting of an earth electrode and signaling of surge arresters damage (in the version with disconnector)



Protection against overvoltages caused by light­ning strokes or switching operations in low voltage systems, starting from low voltage bushing insula­tor of low voltage/medium voltage transformer up to point of entry of power line into the building:

  • cable output in overhead power lines – the solution commonly used when new receivers of electricity are connected to the line. In this case surge arresters protect the equipment at final receiver but also protect a cable against the effects of overvoltages,
  • overhead cable joints and elements of power system – installation of surge arresters provide the protection of equipment at final receiver and also does not allow to spread the overvoltage wave over elements of the system,
  • medium /low voltage power stations, low voltage side – surge arresters being installed on low voltage side provide the protection against overvoltages transferred to the low voltage system from medium voltage system. They give the protection of transformer and outgoing circuits from low voltage station,
  • terminals of overhead low voltage power lines,
  • points of branch of low voltage overhead lines.

In order to protect long distance sections of over­head line it is recommended to use at least one set of surge arresters on every 500 meter.


Technical data

TypeContinuous operating voltage  UcNominal discharge current  In8/20 µsMaximum discharge current Imax8/20 µsVoltage protection level Up 
ASA 280-5* 280 5 30 950
ASA 440-5 440 1500
ASA 500-5 500 1600
ASA 660-5 660 2190
ASA 280-10* 280 10 40 1010
ASA 440-10 440 1550
ASA 500-10 500 1660
ASA 660-10 660 2190

*) Use in network where the phase conductor is not allowed to appear voltage higher than 280 V. Due to the large amount of earth faults in low voltage networks
it is recommended using of surge arresters with continuous operating voltage at least 440 V


Operating conditions

  • outdoor (housing resistant to UV) can also be used to indoor applications,
  • altitude up to 2000 m above sea level suitable for ope­ration,
  • storage and operation temperature: from -40°C to +70°C,
  • relative humidity up to 90%.

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