ASW gapless surge arresters are intended for indoor applications in medium voltage networks.



  • perfectly adjustment to indoor conditions
  • stable parameters during permanent impact of continuous operating voltage
  • very large short circuit current withstand
  • a wide range of available versions in respect of the voltage






ASW gapless surge arresters are intended for protec­tion of power engineering a.c. devices against destructive operation of lighting and switching overvoltages.


Technical data

Continuous operating voltage Uc 4 ÷ 36 kV
Ratek voltage Ur 5 ÷ 45 kV
Nominal discharge current 8/20 µs 10 kA
Long-duration impulse current 280 A (2000 µs)
High discharge current 4/10 µs 100 kA
Line discharge class 1
Residual voltage at rated discharge current ≤ 3,5 Ucrms
Short circuit withstand current 31,5 kA (200 ms)
Minimum creepage distance: from 116 mm for Uc = 4-6 kV to 366 mm for Uc= 33-36 kV
Height ca: from 136 mm for Uc = 4-6 kV to 386 mm for Uc= 33-36 kV


Mechanical loads

  • Bending moment 250 Nm
  • High torque moment 250 Nm
  • Load capacity 625 N


Mounting data

  • Torque moment of insulating bracket to construction 25-35 Nm
  • Torque moment of line and earth terminals to construction 18-20 Nm
  • Minimal distances in air according to PN-E-05115: 2002 “AC power systems with voltage higher than 1 kV”


Operating conditions

  • indoor conditions,
  • the temperatures from - 45°C up to + 55°C,
  • the power frequency of the system should not be lower than 48 Hz and higher than 62 Hz,
  • the r.m.s. value of alternating voltage applied to the terminals should not exceed its continuous operating voltage Uc,
  • the r.m.s. value of alternating - current component of short circuit current in place of installation of a surge arrester should not be higher than 31,5 kA,
  • operating position of ASW surge arrester can be optional from vertical to horizontal one, while torque moment Ms ≤20 Nm and bending moment Mg  ≤250 Nm.

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