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Elf 2 is the next generation of compact and precise Elf meters. It is based on single-jet mechanical flow meters in the second accuracy class (according to PN-EN 1434) and which stands out with its modern design.

The meter is designed for heating/cooling systems in residential, office, commercial and apartment buildings. Due to its attractive design, the meter fits into any room. It can be used as a heat meter, cooling meter, or heat and cooling meter in one system. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically. It is perfect for residential heat distribution units (logoterma) thanks to dynamic temperature measurement and integration time (2-6 s). Thanks to wide communication capabilities, the meter can be used in cable and wireless automatic reading systems as well as in building automation systems.


Metrological class:

  • class 2 – H
  • cass 3 – V



  • Small dimensions, horizontal or vertical mounting and rotating display, which allows installation and readability in any
  • High measurement accuracy, 1:100 measurement dynamics, metrological stability ensures correct and accurate billing of
    energy consumption
  • Operation in heat, cooling, or heat and cooling systems
  • Versions with different nominal flow rates (0.6, 1.0, 1.5, 2.5 m3/h) and diameters (DN15, DN20) ensures optimum selection
    for metering any room
  • Dynamic temperature measurement and integration period (2-6 sec) ensures correct energy measurement even under short
    flows – perfect for residential heat distribution units
  • Battery power for 6 or 12 years of operation – over two validation periods
  • The interchangeable communication modules ensure operation in reading and building automation systems, and allow the
    connection of four different meters with pulse output to Elf 2 (water meters, electricity meters)
  • Extensive archiving capability for measurement data in retentive memory: registers per minute (15-1440 minutes), hour, day,
    month and year ensures safe measurement data storage and possibility for the complete analysis of meter operation
  • Archive register reading and customisation of meter configuration for individual needs with dedicated software


Communication modules

  • M-Bus with 4 pulse inputs
  • M-Bus with 2 pulse inputs and 1 pulse output
  • RS485 with Modbus implemented
  • RF wireless M-Bus OMS T1 with 2 pulse inputs
  • USB – service



Basic technical data

0,6 15 110
1 15 110
1,5 15 110
1,5 20 130 G1
2,5 20 130 G1

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