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FAUN is a precise and reliable, high class calculator for application in the installations with water as a heating/cooling factor. It is a perfect solution for heat distribution centres, residential and functional buildings, industrial buildings etc. The calculator was developed based on the most up-to-date microcontroller system, innovative technical design and functional solutions. Its wide communication possibilities allow an easy and correct reading and transfer of measuring data.







Depending on the design and configuration the calculator can function as:

  • heat meter for heating installation
  • heat meter for cooling installation
  • heat meter for heating and cooling installation in one circuit


Product features

  • Big and readable 8-position display with many intuitive symbols and units for the displayed values
  • Intuitive calculator operation using two buttons
  • Possibility of individual configuration of the calculator according to particular requirements using a dedicated software (on PC)
  • Possibility of manual configuration of some parameters of the calculator using the buttons
  • Possibility to mount (without legalisation infringement) two independent communication modules and a selection of communication protocolst


Removable communication modules

  • M-Bus
  • RS232
  • RS485
  • impulse outputs (2 outputs)
  • impulse outputs and inputs (2 outputs OB, OC or OD class and 2 inputs IB or IC class)
  • analogue outputs (2 outputs, 4-20 mA or 0-10V)
  • LonWorks
  • radio module Wireless M-Bus
  • radio module for telemetric systems IMRB


Technical data

Basic working parameters of the calculator
Unit of heat energy GJ, MWh, kWh or Gcal
Unit of volume m3
Temperature range °C Θmin = 1 °C     Θmax = 180 °C
Temperature difference range °C ΔΘmin = 3 °C     ΔΘmax =175 °C
Nominal flow range m3/h 0,6 ... 3 000
Maximum permissible error MPE % Ec = ± (0,5+ ΔΘmin / ΔΘ)
Cooperating temperature sensors - Pt 500 – 2 or 4 wire measurement
Cooperating flow transducers Ultrasound or rotor transducers
Switching for cold measurement when operating in heating and cooling installation in one circuit Supply temperature < return temperature
and power supply temperature below the set value
Power supply bateria litowa 3,6 V typu: AA , 2xAA , C albo D
lub zasilacz sieciowy 230 VAC
Battery life 6-12 years, depending on battery type
Environmental class PN -EN 1434 - C
MID - E1, M1
Ambient temperature °C 5 ... 55
Protection degree IP54 or IP65 or IP68

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