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The APT-GSM-UT-2 external communications module is intended for registering the readings of water meters or other meters, registering events and notifying the user of their occurrence and for transmitting data over a GSM network using GPRS technology through any APN. The device is equipped with 4 pulse inputs that enable connecting up to 4 measuring or alarm devices. It enables the detection and registering of events, and sending of information about events via text messages. An integrated NFC module enables the direct reading of measurement data from the device and its complete adjustment using mobile devices equipped with a dedicated adjustment app.



Water meter compatibility:

  • The device is compatible with pulse water meters and alarm devices equipped with pulse outputs.


Basic technical data

Power supply lithium battery 3,6 V
Data protocol format TCP / IP
Frequency range 850÷900 MHz, 1800÷1900 MHz
Operating time up to 5 years
(depending on configuration)
Compatibility with SIM cards 3 V / 1,8 V
Cable 2 x 0,14 mm2
Cable length 4 x 1,5 m

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