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The APT-VERTI-1 communication module is an RF intermediate transmission device to communicate between RF data output meter modules and a meterreading collector's app installed on a mobile device. The primary function of the communication module is to convert the data signals between an RF interface operating in the ISM 868 MHz band and a Bluetooth/USB interface. The communication module is controlled by the meter-reading collector's app installed on a mobile device, and listens for and receives spontaneous T1 mode RF data frames. It can also read configuration data in the two-way T2 mode. The communication module is the next-generation of data converter, featuring an extremely sensitive radio receiver and a data reading success rate much higher than possible with legacy data converters. This enables the reading of metering data via the APT-VERTI-1 much faster and at a greater distance from the data transmitter.


The APT-VERTI-1 communication module transfers readings from Apator Powogaz brand metering devices, including water meters, heat meters and heat cost allocators in remote meter reading collector systems (operated in walk-by or drive-by modes). The communication module supports RF devices that transmit over a Wireless M-Bus to a collector app installed on a mobile device (such as a smartphone or tablet).


Key features:

  • Intermediate data relay between RF-interface devices and mobile apps, for data reading and configuration over a Wireless M-Bus
  • Two app interfaces available: Bluetooth and USB
  • Power saver mode
  • Enhanced reading mode
  • Battery status LED
  • Customizable with an external RF antenna.


Basic technical data

Power supply Li-ion battery pack
Continuous operating time max. 24 h
Transmission frequency 868,95 MHz in T1
868,30 MHz in T2
Receiver sensitivity -110 dBm
Operating temperature range 0°C ÷ 60°C
Ingress protection rating IP30
Weight 130 g

*) See the User Manual for the full specification of supported devices.

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