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Universal module for Wireless M-Bus communication


The APT-WMBUS-NA-1 universal RF module is a separable module consisting of a spacer ring, radio module, and cap. The spacer ring is used to fit the RF module to water meters manufactured by Apator Powogaz S.A., in the required installation position. The module is designed to transfer measurement data in the ISM 868 MHz band in accordance with the Wireless M-Bus protocol.

The APT-WMBUS-NA-1 RF module scans the dedicated counter indicator of the water meter, using an induction system that detects and recognises its direction of rotation. This solution enables remote transmission of the actual indication of the water meter counter.

The option to establish individual flow profiles for dedicated water meter applications enables the comprehensive analysis and diagnostics of their operation; for example, based on alarms and historical records in the device memory.

Key features

  • The module is compatible with a wide range of home and industrial water meters by Apator Powogaz S.A.
  • Direct installation onto water meter counters without interference with the security features
  • Option to install the module with the water meter in operation
  • Module fitting for the counter in a position enabling visual reading of the indications from the water meter counter
  • The module is mounted onto the movable assembly of the water meter counter (rotation up to 358°), which facilitates
    its installation and counter reading under difficult operating conditions (see the Instruction Manual)
  • High resistance to external magnetic fields
  • Recognition of flow direction
  • Signalling of a series of alarm events, e.g. removal, leakage, external magnetic field etc.
  • Battery life of up to two approval periods, depending on the temperature profile of water meter operation
    (for details, see the Instruction Manual)
  • IP68 protection rating





Outdoor range < 800 m
Protocol Wireless M-Bus*
Transmission frequency 868,95 MHz
Transmitter power output 20 mW / 50 Ω
Ingress protection rating IP68
Weight 0,106 kg

*) protocol using manufacturer-specific CI field values (application layer as per PN-EN13757).

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