For the readings of indications of heat meters, water meters and heat cost allocators mounted in residential buildings, public or industrial buildings. The system operates based on a communication protocol according to PN-EN 13757 Wireless M-Bus, frequency: 868 MHz, reading mode – unidirectional (Wireless M-Bus T1), configuration mode – bidirectional. It is possible to configure the transmission frequency in the range of selected days and hours.


Radio data transfer via:

  • Water meters / heat meters – serial number, reading date, consumption in m3/GJ/temp. in °C, indication history, information about the alarms (magnet usage, reverse flow, maximum flow, leakage, low battery level).
  • Cost allocators – measurement values from previous and current year, from previous and current month. Average temperatures of heater environment, reading date and date of seal break, if applicable. Monthly consumption values from the last 11 months; heater parameters. Maximum, minimum and average monthly temperatures in a room from the last 11 months since the current date.


Reading types:

  • WALK BY – with additional possibility of manual reading
  • STATIONARY – using the concentrators


Product features

  • Data reading using portable terminal or stationary automatic data reading network
  • Elimination of potential mistakes caused by human factor
  • Data reading from the devices installed in hardly accessible places
  • Optical sensors system allows the recognition of flow direction (AT -WMBUS-04 – not applicable)
  • Reading of measuring data fully resistant against any interferences caused by magnetic field
  • Possibility of signalling alarms (AT -WMBUS-04 – in limited range)

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