For measuring the flow and volume of cold water with a temperature up to 30°C or 50°C in the closed-circuit system with the full flow of the flux, and on the maximum working pressure up to 16 bar (PN16). Re commended installation of a prepaid water meter set concerns me tering of water consumption in rented flats, social flats or in holiday cottages i.e. everywhere where the consumer changes very often and there might be a problem to collect the amounts due for water con sumption. Suitable for installation in the horizontal hoses (pipelines) with the counter directed upwards (H) and in vertical or horizontal hoses with the counter directed sidewards (V). Prepaid water meter system consists of: prepaid water meter set (IP68 – JS water meter, stop valve, electronic module), wireless control unit and PC software. The system is intended for settlement of water consumption based on in advance payments for 6-digit codes that allow drawing a definite water volume. When the water volume bought will be used up, the water flow is closed by the valve. The outlet port of stop valve housing is adapted for optional installation of a return valve.



Metrological class (MID):

  • Cold water R160; 100; - H; R63; 50 - V



Product features

  • Unique prepaid codes
  • Possibility to buy codes via Internet or mobile phones
  • If the volume of water bought will be used up, further drawing of strictly defined water volume is possible after activation of overdraft function
  • Full control over water expenses
  • Elimination of the costs of meter reader’s services and monitoring of the amounts due
  • Minimum battery life 6 years – 700 operations of valve opening/closing
  • Alarm in case when credit for the use of the water volume that was bought is soon to be used up or if battery level is low



Basic technical data

JS 2,5 R160 2,5 15 165
JS 4,0 R160 4,0 20 190 G1

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