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For measuring the flow and volume of water with a temperature up to 30 °C or 50 °C, or warm water with a temperature up to 90 °C in the closed-circuit system with the full flow of the flux, and on the maximum working pressure up to 16 bar (PN16). Suitable for installation in the horizontal hoses (pipelines) with the counter directed upwards (H) and in vertical or horizontal hoses with the counter directed sidewards (V). Water meters are equipped with impulse transmitter (JS-NK) or adapted for installation of the transmitter (JS-NKP). In standard version they are equipped with five-barrel counter (IP65), antimagnetic protection SN + and brass housing. Possible operation of water meters in the systems of remote readings transfer.

Metrological class (MID)

  • Cold water R100 - H; R50 - V
  • Warm water R80 - H; R40-V


Product features

  • Readings reliability – fulfils the newest metrological requirements of MID
    Adapted to operation in AMR systems
  • Easy reading of the water meter counter
  • Hermetic counter (with increased tightness) resistant to steaming
  • Counter mechanism with blockade against multiple rotating, at rotation angle more than 360°
  • Protection against mechanical tampering
  • Protection limiting the results of water freezing
  • Double-sided rotor bearing
  • Outlet port of water meter housing suitable for optional installation of a return valveg.


Basic technical data

WATER METERS for cold water
JS 1,6-XX* 1,6 15 110
JS 1,6-03-XX* 1,6 15 110
JS 2,5-XX* 2,5 15 110***
JS 2,5-03-XX* 2,5 15 110
JS 2,5-G1-XX* 2,5 20 130 G1
JS 4-XX* 4 20 130 G1
WATER METERS for warm water**
JS90 1,6-02-XX* 1,6 15 110
JS90 1,6-03-XX* 1,6 15 110
JS90 2,5-XX* 2,5 15 110***
JS90 2,5-03-XX* 2,5 15 110
JS90 2,5-G1-XX* 2,5 20 130 G1
JS90 4-XX* 4 20 130 G1

Counter version IP68 on request
*) XX – Water meters designs – where -XX stands for:
    -NK – Water meter with pulse transmitter (Read relay) – remote transmission of volume counting
   -NKP – Water meter adapted for installation of pulse transmitter
   -03-NK or -03-NKP – five-barrel counter, plastic housing (concerns JS1,6 and JS2,5 with the length of 110 mm, R80 for cold or warm water)
**) S pecial design of water meters available on request:
     -S – with hard bearings (water meters for warm water circulation systems), not applicable to design 03
***) The length of 115 or 80 mm available on request (for JS 2,5 and JS90 2,5 – brass housing)

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