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Application of mobiPLANER in the air conditioning industry


One of our first projects to implement mobiPLANER was carried out at Klima SMS, a company specialising in the installation and servicing of general-purpose air conditioning and complex multi-split and VRF systems. The implementation was aimed at improving the company's customer service in the face of ever-increasing market demands, as well as at optimising the activities of field workers and increasing their job satisfaction.



When the construction industry is thriving it means that there is huge interest in the plumbing, gas and air conditioning services sector in the market. For an installation company, this translates into a large number of orders that have to be carried out and coordinated. Completed work requires verification on the client's side and, where necessary, a quick response from managers and staff to resolve any situations that require clarification. The complexity of activities and the multitude of tasks are the daily routine of employees working in the field – installers and service technicians, as well as managers at Klima SMS.

The mobiPLANER system facilitated the management of orders, helped to determine the time and place of their execution, appoint the installation team and organise the status of works. In addition, it has become invaluable in the case of emergency service calls, where it is necessary to quickly and dynamically plan the work of the teams and ensure communication between employees working in the field and the manager staying in the office. All processes run more smoothly and include the necessary information.


Obtained benefits

The implementation of the mobiPLANER system at Klima SMS allowed the company to improve its customer service. The solution also optimised the working and travel time of field workers, which directly translated into reduced costs for each stage of the installers' work. Professional organisation of the work of field teams, well thought-out management and good information flow translate directly into increased employee satisfaction in the company.