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Smart solutions for a better tomorrow
About us
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About us
  • We are an international capital group of manufacturers of metering devices and systems
  • We provide solutions supporting the operation of electricity, water and gas networks
  • We introduce into the market technologically advanced products and services in the field of electricity, water, heat and gas metering, including smart solutions and systems for managing energy distribution networks.
  • We are developing our range of solutions that support the implementation of RES technologies and are applicable in local energy management
  • We occupy a high position on the European market in the sector of solutions for modern power generation.


New - Lighting infrastructure management

Street and road lighting significantly affects the living comfort of residents and is, therefore, an integral part of any residential neighbourhood. Appropriate lighting management poses a challenge for its infrastructure managers, and obtaining key data on lighting assets is possible through services such as network inventory, energy audit or visual inspection of the technical condition.




We develop modern solutions for energy management:

  • HES class system - 4GRID Engine
  • Management of field teams - mobiPLANER
  • Lighting infrastructure management - GISMO



Robotisation and automation

We implement solutions influencing the efficiency of production plants which: 

  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce production costs
  • Improve product quality
  • Enhance process stability 


Management of field teams

We offer mobiPLANER, a comprehensive solution supporting the work of field crews which

  • Supports the performance of all tasks
  • Allows to plan the work of all teams
  • Ensures timeliness of the work
  • Optimises processes, saves time and resources



Corporate social responsibility

Our policy focuses on environmental protection, worker and work safety, and the social surroundings. We support local communities and actively participate in cultural, scientific and sporting events in the regions where our companies operate. We rely on clear and understandable rules that guide our work. We have a common business strategy which defines the mission and vision of our organisation, financial and operational objectives, as well as directions for our development.

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Our experts' perspective

Read the opinions of our experts regarding our lines of action, innovative projects, as well as trends in power generation and RES development.

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Development of our sectors
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Energy transition
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