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Electricity Unit – focuses on providing a wide range of solutions for modern power grids. These include metering devices: from electronic and prepayment meters to high-tech smart meters as well as modern energy management systems. The unit's offer also includes equipment used to distribute electricity and protect electrical circuits against the effects of short circuits and overloads.

The companies of the Electricity Unit are recognized manufacturers of systems and solutions supporting the work of services in the management, operation and supervision of ee networks. They also provide advanced IT systems supporting measurement data management and solutions for effective network asset management, including grid inventory services.


Water&Heat Unit - specializes in the production of residential and industrial water meters, heat meters, as well as heat cost allocators. It offers remote reading services, media consumption billing and management of water and heat distribution systems. Apator Powogaz, the leading company in the Water and Heat Unit, is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of water meters in Poland and Europe.


Gas Unit - specializes in the production of the highest quality gas meters. It offers home and industrial bellows gas meters - including the latest class of intelligent gas meters with remote data readout function and a system that enables the suspension and resumption of gas supply by means of data transmission over the GSM mobile network using the SMART-GAS protocol.



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