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Lighting infrastructure management 

Services in the form of grid inventory, energy audits, as well as visual inspections of the technical condition of lighting provide key data on the lighting infrastructure. Their use in an appropriate system helps to effectively manage the lighting infrastructure.

Street and road lighting is one of the elements that significantly affect the living comfort of residents and their safety. This is why the lighting of roads, parks, housing estates and all public places must be efficient, and the managers must take care of the lighting while paying attention to costs and the environment. Effective lighting is possible with accurate knowledge of its condition.

Proposed lighting services

Inventory of the lighting grid Energy efficiency audit Visual inspection of the technical condition of street and road lighting
Inventory is the process of taking stock of lighting assets, allowing the collection of information on each element of the infrastructure. The result of the inventory is a digital map of the grid, containing the most up-to-date data on street and road lighting assets.  An audit involves accurately determining the current condition of lighting. During the on-site visit, the infrastructure and the illuminated areas are measured, which enables the planning of modernisation and refurbishment projects and, consequently, the improvement of lighting efficiency. Visual inspections and maintenance include e.g. assessment of visible parts of the wiring, the condition of the luminaires and lighting, the quantitative state of loss of light sources. They make it possible to determine the technical condition and prepare an operating plan.

By performing the grid inventory, we provide: 

  • Up-to-date grid data based on field inventory
  • Data model adapted to the needs of lighting managers
  • Data based on relationships and topological connections
  • Precise location of objects in the field
  • Photographic documentation of the inventoried assets 

By performing an audit, we can obtain recommendations for the implementation of: 

  • Control system
  • Redesigning or creating an operating system
  • Modification of the billing tariff (to a more favourable one)
  • Replacement of outdated and energy-consuming light sources
  • Improvements to the arrangement of luminaires

By performing a visual inspection we can obtain: 

  • Knowledge of the current technical status
  • Data on the location of failures and defects
  • Data needed for effective modernisation management


GISMO system for efficient management of lighting infrastructure

The GISMO system is a comprehensive solution for power grid assets management, allowing users to build their own database of lighting assets. The application of the system allows the user to:

  • Use of information on lighting in the planning of new investment projects
  • Obtain complete and comprehensive information on lighting infrastructure
  • Effectively supervise service teams thanks to the integration with the Field Work Management module
  • All data in one place
  • Possibility of integration with other tools
  • Ease of use
  • Can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise
  • System accessible via browser

Recipients of the GISMO system

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