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Apator Powogaz

About us
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About us
  • We are a leading manufacturer of water meters in the world
  • We have nearly 100 years of experience in the production of measuring devices
  • We produce water meters, heat meters and heat cost allocators
  • We offer remote reading services, utility billing as well as management of water and heat distribution systems
  • In April 2022, we relocated to a modern headquarters in Jaryszki near Poznań

Apator Powogaz by the numbers

Nearly 100 years of experience in the production of water meters
About 800 employees in Apator Powogaz Group
3 subsidiaries in Poland and abroad
Over 60 export markets


Maciej Wyczesany
Chairman of the Board (Member of the Supervisory Board on secondment)
Damian Bruderek
Member of the Management Board for Business Development

Supervisory Board

Tadeusz Sosgórnik
Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Janina Karaszewska-Zandrowicz
Member of the Supervisory Board
Mariusz Lewicki
Member of the Supervisory Board
Rafał Marzygliński
Member of the Supervisory Board
Maciej Wyczesany
Member of the Supervisory Board

Get to know our solutions

Water and heat metering

We produce the highest quality residential and industrial water meters. Our offer is directed to a wide group of recipients: housing cooperatives, waterworks, as well as individual clients. We also produce heat meters and heat cost allocators. We focus on modern solutions using ultrasonic technology, which allows for more precise measurements and higher data quality for the rational management of water resources.

Remote reading systems

We create modern remote utility reading systems that can be utilized on both stationary and mobile devices. Our measurement devices and systems eliminate erroneous readings, shorten collection time and ensure more accurate measurements. As a result, it is possible to more rationally and consciously manage water resources, which is critical in terms of environmental protection.

Calibration Laboratory

We provide services in the field of water meter calibration. Our laboratory uses a modern calibration station equipped with a piston-operated volumetric apparatus, ensuring the highest measurement accuracy. We only use equipment that ensures full traceability, documented by valid calibration certificates issued by accredited laboratories.

Company History

Establishment of the "Warsztaty Wodomierzy" as part of the Municipal Waterworks of the City of Poznań - a water meter manufacturing plant

Establishment of the company „Polski Wodomierz” - a sales office selling products manufactured in „Warsztatach Wodomierzy”

Construction of a new production plant on Janickiego Street in Poznań

Development of production and product export

Establishment of Fabryka Wodomierzy „PoWoGaz” SA

Powogaz joins Apator Group

Telemetry systems are included in the offer (offices in Poznań and Słupsk)

Start of the production of heat cost allocators (plant in Šumperk, Czech Republic)

Development of the offer with ultrasonic water meters (technology developed in Danish Aarthus and in Poznań)

Subsidiaries of Apator Powogaz
  • Apator Telemetria - producer of innovative radio data reading systems for heating, energy, water and gas networks -
  • Apator Miitors - a research and development unit that uses ultrasonic technology in the field of water and heat metering -
  • Apator Metra - producer of control and measurement equipment, heat cost allocators -


Apator Powogaz SA

Jaryszki 1c
62-023 Żerniki
phone +48 61 841 81 01
fax +48 61 847 01 92

NIP 781-002-06-01
REGON 630509799
KRS 0000028129
Share capital 4 000 000,00 zł

Water and heat metering
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