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In every dimension of our business:

  • economic and commercial – creating solutions to support the conscious, efficient management of energy utilities and water and
  • internal – improving operational processes, caring for the culture and development of the organisation

we undertake commitments and actions that bring us closer to the sustainability goals.

Sustainable development goals - dimensions

Internal processes
Learning and development


Apator Group operates on an international scale and is obliged to meet the expectations of foreign contractors as well as the standards in force in the EU and world markets. Therefore, in defining the goals of our CSR strategy, we took the UN Sustainable Development Goals into account – adequate to the specificity of the Group's operations and the challenges faced by the industries in which the Group operates.



Reporting violations
In case of identification of any infringement in the operation of a company belonging to Apator Group, it is possible to report the information to the address

Apator SA guarantees confidentiality of the reported information.

Apator in the community

Promoting sports

Supporting local sports teams, especially their youth groups, plays an important role in our sponsorship strategy. It is essential for us to reinforce and promote a healthy and active lifestyle among the younger generation.

Supporting art and culture

We support cultural, musical and film events. We strengthen initiatives that offer opportunities to connect with culture and artists directly - through exhibitions, concerts and meetings with authors.

Charitable activities

We work with foundations, organizations and associations that provide various types of aid. We engage in philanthropic initiatives to support people and centers who need help.