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Robotic device for loading and unloading components to and from product trays

The FAGUS stacker/destacker is a universal robotic device designed for automatic separation of individual trays, as well as stacking them. The use of a robot makes it possible to quickly and accurately collect products from production lines or put finished products onto dedicated trays.

FAGUS can operate both in-line and as a standalone machine thanks to its compact, mobile design and the ability to be moved. Our solution is an excellent way to increase production efficiency, optimising its cost-efficiency. FAGUS not only takes over the monotonous tasks performed by operators but above all guarantees high precision and ensures just-in-time product flow.

Examples of applications for the FAGUS stacker/destacker systems:

Food industry Automotive industry Electronics industry Plastics industry Confectionery industry Automated assembly


Features and benefits
  • A versatile, cost-effective unit that handles any product depending on individual customer needs
  • FAGUS can handle loading, unloading, as well as loading/unloading operations
  • Guaranteed high throughput of up to 2 seconds/piece
  • Handles trays with maximum dimensions of 600 x 400 mm
  • Minimised downtime and high process repeatability
  • Two configurations are available – series (FAGUS 1) and parallel (FAGUS 2)
  • The device can handle tray stacks up to 8 pieces high
  • Autonomous operation for up to several hours

FAGUS stacker/destacker

  • SCARA robot
  • Mechanical gripper with product retrieval function
  • Vacuum gripper with tray pick-up and drop-off functions
  • A sturdy base frame that can be moved around
  • Housing made of high-quality tempered glass
  • Infeed and outfeed conveyors: belt and pulley variants available
  • Infeed conveyor tray stack destacking system
  • Outfeed conveyor tray stack stacking system
  • Systems for lifting and aligning the trays at wafer pick-up and drop-off points
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Robotic device for loading/unloading of components
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