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Our direction

Business strategy

Apator Group's strategy with perspectives for 2028

The Strategy is a response to the opportunities and transformational challenges of the electricity, water, heat and gas sectors. The Group wants to take advantage of favourable regulations and funding from the EU supporting the transformation, digitalisation and development of the energy and water sectors. It also plans to expand into new markets related to distributed generation and community energy (RES, energy communities, industry).


Apator Group operates within three business units:


Achievement of an average annual revenue growth rate in the range of 8% to 10%
Increase in EBITDA profitability from 5 to 6 percentage points compared to 2023
CAPEX at 5–7% of revenues

The foundation on which the Apator Group bases its Strategy are – unique in the CEE region and in the industry – broad technical competences in energy and water utilities management. The Group, as one of the few entities in Europe, has its own specialised R&D and engineering teams, extensive production facilities and marketing, sales and service departments operating with customers in many market segments. Its competences allow it to provide customers with a comprehensive value chain, covering design, construction and manufacturing of products (including manufacturing of key electronic components and software) and their delivery to customers in the form of advanced solutions, systems and services.

The Group’s revenue growth drivers will be the Electricity and Water and Heat segments, where – in addition to the development of current products – the Group plans to implement new integrated solutions in the areas of utility and water management and RES, among others. The Group will focus on implementing new business models based on advanced technological systems and services (XaaS – anything as a service, DaaS – data as a service) and providing advanced analytics for effective management of metering data and infrastructure. The Group wants to offer value to customers in the form of a one-stop shop for energy transformation needs, optimisation of energy utilities and water consumption, billing and meeting climate targets.


  • Electricity providers/distribution system operators
  • Electricity wholesalers, electrical installation companies, design engineers
  • Construction, manufacturing, raliways
  • New clients operating in the RES sector
Water & Heat

A wide range of clientele: 

  • Water and sewage companies
  • Thermal energy companies, housing cooperatives
  • Construction, manufacturing
  • Institutional clients and gas companies


Apator Group in the face of change

The energy and gas sectors, as well as the water and sewage industry - and therefore all areas in which the companies of Apator Group operate - have undergone profound development and technological transformation in recent times. Our experts not only closely monitor the market and anticipate new trends, but also meet them, responding to the ongoing processes of decentralization, digitization and decarbonization of the sector. We implement modern solutions based on innovative IoT technologies and provide tools to improve energy efficiency for better, more responsible use of the Earth's energy resources.