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Environmental protection and OHS policy – Apator Metrix

Company environmental protection policy

The guiding principle of Apator Metrix S.A. is preventing the negative impact on the environment instead of removing its effects. We comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, protect the environment, conserve energy and natural resources and prevent pollution through appropriate management practices and technologies.

We aim to minimise our impact on the environment by setting ourselves the following targets:

  • Maintaining water consumption and wastewater generation; air emissions and power consumption
  • Optimising material and waste management
  • Preventing potential emergencies

We involve our employees in environmental management to create an environmentally responsible company through their awareness. We also make every effort to continually improve our organisation and production processes to reduce our environmental impact.

Company OHS policy

In terms of occupational health and safety, respecting the legal requirements and demands of our customers, we are committed to continuously improving our employees' safety, health and comfort. We will fulfil these commitments by seeking to eliminate accidents at work and occupational diseases altogether through:

  • Continuously improving occupational health and safety in the company
  • Supporting, developing and raising awareness among employees related to all aspects of work and its safe performance
  • Providing employees with the necessary technical and financial resources and qualified and dedicated staff