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An estimation of selectively-chosen consolidated financial data for 2017

Nr 8/2018
Date and time: 2018/02/09, 17:30
Category: Financial forecast

The Management Board of Apator SA, taking into consideration a published forecast of the financial results achieved by Apator Group in 2017, informs that the selectively-chosen consolidated financial data for 2017 looks as follows:

- consolidates sales revenues– PLN 894,6 m,
- consolidated net profit –  PLN 56,4 m.

According to the above-mentioned data, Apator Group Apator Group has reached the lower end of the forecast range of consolidated revenues at the level of 99%; on the other hand, when it comes to the consolidated net profit, the level was 94% (the forecast was published in the current report no. 43/2017 on the day of 16 November 2017).

What exerted an influence on the financial results achieved by Apator Group in 2017 was the occurrence of one-off events resulting in non-cash adjustments. The said adjustments were mainly related to the changes of qualification and of a write-off of research-and-development works as well as to updating the value of inventories, about which the Management Board of Apator SA informed in periodical reports for the I half of 2017 and for III quarter of 2017.

What exerted an influence on the lowering of the estimated net profit as compared to the published forecast is mainly the decision to sell, in 2018, a vacations center in Rowy (as a result of a write-off of a book value of the assets dedicated to being sold at the value of PLN 3 m), which shall be indicated in the financial statement for IV quarter of 2017 as assets available for selling.

Simultaneously, the Management Board of Apator SA underlines that the presented estimations of consolidated financial results:

- are provisional data which was not subject to scrutiny on the part of an expert auditor,
- were compiled to the best of the company’s knowledge as at the day of its preparation,
- were based on the assumption that there will be no circumstances that could significantly influence the financial results after the day of publishing estimated data.

The consolidated report for IV quarter of 2017 will be published 27 February 2018. And the consolidated annual report for 2017 subject to the scrutiny on the part of an expert editor will be published 30 April 2018.


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