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FAQ - Investor relations

What does the Apator Group do?
Grupa Apator is an international group of manufacturers of measuring devices and systems, as well as suppliers of innovative solutions for the automation of the power network. As part of three business units (Electricity, Water and Heat, and Gas) Apator manufactures and supplies own solutions for measuring all utilities (electricity meters, water meters, heat meters, gas meters) as well as IT and technical solutions for intelligent power, water, and gas networks to the market.
You can find more information here.  

Who are the shareholders of the company?
The current list of shareholders holding more than 5% of votes at the General Shareholders Meeting can be found here.

Does the company have a dividend policy?
The Company has a dividend policy, more information can be found here.

Where can I find information on dividend amounts?
Information on dividend amounts is published here.

How are the shares of a company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange marked?
Shares of Apator SA are marked with the following codes:
Registered shares - ISIN code: PLAPATR 00026
Bearer shares - ISIN code: PLAPATR 00018

How can I convert registered shares into bearer shares?
The procedure of conversion of registered shares into bearer shares is described in Art. 8 of the Company's Articles of Association:
"Conversion of Series A registered shares into Series A bearer shares of shall be made at the request of shareholders in January each year. If a total of more than 100,000 (one hundred thousand) registered shares are proposed for conversion during the year, the Company's Management Board is obliged to fix an additional conversion date within 90 days. Conversion of bearer shares into registered shares is not permitted."
The shareholder should submit the application for conversion of the shares to the Company at the address or to the entity running brokerage activity (brokerage office) where the shareholder has its brokerage account with registered shares.
Company's Shareholders Register is kept by Santander Brokerage Poland which is the sponsor of the issue of shares of Apator SA.  The list of Santander Bank Polska branches with access to brokerage services is available on the Santander Bank Polska website.

How can I sell registered shares in the Company?
Pursuant to Art. 10 of the Company's Articles of Association
1. Series A registered shares may be sold by the shareholders and their heirs or legal successors only to the shareholders holding Series A registered shares. Disposal of Series A registered shares to persons other than the shareholders holding Series A registered shares requires the consent of the Management Board.
2. Shareholders intending to transfer Series A registered shares to persons other than the shareholders holding Series A registered shares shall submit a written application to the Management Board for permission to do so.
3. The Management Board will consider the application for permission to dispose of Series A registered shares and will decide whether to grant permission within 60 days of the date of the application, taking into account the interests of the Company.
4. If the Management Board does not agree to the transfer of shares it should within 60 days:

  • designate another purchaser,
  • set a price in line with the price of bearer shares on the date of application.

The deadline for payment of the price so indicated shall be 7 days from the date of the decision of the Management Board.
5. If the Management Board does not take a position within 60 days of the written application for permission to dispose of shares, the disposal of shares shall not be subject to any restriction.

How the structure of Apator Group looks like?
Structure of Apator Group is available here.

What is the strategy of Apator Group?
The strategy of Apator Group is available  here.

Who can I talk to about the company as a shareholder or stock investor?
At the bottom of each sub-page of the Investor Relations page, you will find the contact details of the investor relations person.

Which brokerage offices issue recommendations on a company?
A current list of analysts that issue regular reports on the company can be found here.

Does the company post a video recording of its General Shareholders Meetings on its website?
The Company includes video coverage of the General Shareholders Meeting next to the materials relating to each General Shareholders Meetings.


Contact for institutional investors and analysts

cc group - Katarzyna Mucha

Mobile +48 697 613 712

Management and Promotions Director of Apator Group

Jolanta Dombrowska

Mobile +48 56 61 91 228


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