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FAQ - Investor relations

What does the Apator Group do?
Who are the shareholders of the company?
Does the company have a dividend policy?
Where can I find information on dividend amounts?
How are the shares of a company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange marked?
How can I convert registered shares into bearer shares?
How can I sell registered shares in the Company?
How the structure of Apator Group looks like?
What is the strategy of Apator Group?
Who can I talk to about the company as a shareholder or stock investor?
Which brokerage offices issue recommendations on a company?
Does the company post a video recording of its General Shareholders Meetings on its website?


Contact for institutional investors and analysts

cc group - Katarzyna Mucha

Mobile +48 697 613 712

Management and Promotions Director of Apator Group

Jolanta Dombrowska

Mobile +48 56 61 91 228


Frequently asked questions and answers.