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An intention to carry out shares repurchasing activities

Nr 11/2018
Date and time: 2018/02/27, 07:04
Category: Purchase/sale of shares

The Management Board of Apator SA is intending to carry out shares repurchasing activity with the maximum price of PLN 30/share in order to cancel them. The company is planning to dedicate PLN 20 m for that purpose. In the opinion of the Management Board, the current market value of the shares of the Company is considerably lower than their fair value and does not reflect its financial results or its prospects for further development. Due to the above, it is both in the interest of the Company as well as of its shareholders that the activity of shares repurchasing be carried out in order to cancel them, by dint of which the increase of their value can be achieved. The Supervisory Board of the Company approved of the above suggestion of carrying out sales repurchasing activities and decided to recommend its being enacted by the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders, planned for the day of 28 May 2018. 


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