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Bank loan contracts concluded and mortgage established

Nr 45/2012
Date and time: 2012/09/03, 00:00
Category: Concluded contracts

Executive Board of Apator SA announces that on the 3rd September 2012, subsidiary - Apator Metrix SA and Bank Millennium SA with headquarters in Warsaw concluded two bank loan contracts of total value of 15,5 m PLN for financing acquisition and current activity. Entities of Grupa Apator, in the recent 12 months concluded with Bank Millennium SA four contracts of total value of 25 m PLN that is at least 10% of equities of Apator SA. The contract of the highest value is bank loan contract dated the 3rd September 2012 of the value of 8 m PLN. The subject of the contract is granting the bank loan by Millennium SA for financing current activity of Apator Metrix SA. Bank loan was granted for the period since the 3rd September 2012 till the 2nd September 2017 provided the following conditions are met: reference rate: WIBOR 1M + bank margin and preparing commission (specified based on market conditions). The contract does not include any provisions concerning contractual penalties and other significant objections regarding terms and conditions. Hedging of bank loan contracts concluded on the 3rd September 2012 is bail mortgage established on that day up to the amount of 23,3 m PLN for the property of Apator Metrix SA located in Tczew ul. Piaskowa 3 registered in land and mortgage register - KW GD1T/00017174/7. Mortgage includes the following properties:- manufacturing building no B9 with offices and social rooms,- manufacturing and technical building no B9A,- manufacturing hall no B9B with separate shelters,- administrative building no B9C.The above hedging established is for the value of net assets registered in the books of Apator Metrix SA is 6 m PLN at the 31st August 2012.Executive Board of Apator Metrix SA on the 3rd September 2012 applied to District Court in Tczew,IV Land and Mortgage Register Department to enter the above mortgage to land and mortgage register in favour of Bank Millennium SA . The value of the mortgage established exceeds equivalent of the amount of 1m EUR calculated according to average exchange rate of the National Bank of Poland binding on the day of obligatory announcement. There are no connections both between the Issuer (Apator SA), persons in management of the Issuer, persons in supervision of the Issuer and Bank Millennium SA as well as between Apator Metrix SA, persons in management of Apator Metrix SA, persons in supervision of Apator Metrix SA and Bank Millennium SA. Legal basis of the report: § 5 para 1 point 1 and 3 of the Regulation of Minister of Finance regarding current and regular information being transferred by the issuers of securities and conditions to be considered as equivalent information required by law of the country not being the member of the EU. 


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