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Candidate for the President of Executive Board of Apator SA

Nr 51/2012
Date and time: 2012/10/23, 13:49
Category: Others

The Supervisory Board of Apator SA advises that on the 23rd October 2012, it selected Mr Andrzej Szostak the candidate for the President of Executive Board of Apator SA for the following tenure 2013 - 2015.
Since January 2013 Mr Andrzej Szostak will be preparing to perform the function of the President under the direction of current President of the Executive Board, fulfilling the function of adviser to the Executive Board.
Mr Andrzej Szostak graduated from Foreign Trade Department at Warsaw School of Economics in Warsaw.

In 2007 - 2010 Mr Andrzej Szostak was the Director in 3i plc -European leading private equity entity. In 1999 – 2007 Mr Andrzej Szostak was the President and Managing Director in Rothschild Polska sp. z o. o. In 1989 - 1999 Mr Andrzej Szostak was the President of Executive Board and Managing Partner in Access sp. z o.o.
Mr Andrzej Szostak cooperated in the past with Apator SA, first as the main financial adviser at the First Public Offer of the Company in 1996, then as the member of Supervisory Board of Apator SA in 1997 - 1999. Mr Andrzej Szostak has maintained permanent contact with the Company performing common projects.
Mr Andrzej Szostak does not run any competitive business to Apator SA and Mr Andrzej Szostak is not a partner in any competitive civil law partnership. He is not a member of any body of competitive capital company and he is not a member in any body of any competitive legal person. Mr Andrzej Szostak is not registered in Insolvent Debtors Register kept based on Act of National Court Register.
Legal base: § 5 para 1 point 22 of the Regulation of Minister of Finance regarding current and regular information being transferred by the issuers of securities and conditions to be considered as equivalent information required by law of the country not being the member of the EU. 


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