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Change of the proxy of Apator SA

Nr 43/2012
Date and time: 2012/08/21, 00:00
Category: Others

Executive Board of Apator SA announces that due to retirement of  the current Production Director – Mr Zbigniew Baranowski, Executive Board of Apator SA on the 20thAugust 2012 withdrew his independent proxy and gave the proxy to Mr Krzysztof Malec.

The proxy given Mr Krzysztof Malec – Production Director of Apator SA is the independent one for effective representation of the Company (certifications on property rights and obligations and independent signing of the documents). Mr Krzysztof Malec is a graduate of University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz, mechanical department- specialization of technology of machines. Moreover,he was granted the master of finance and accounting in Finance and Management Departmentat Toruń School of Banking in Toruń.

In 1982 Mr Krzysztof Malec was employed by Polish Railway Lines and next to July 1990 he was employed as process engineer in Research and Development Centre of Control for Drives in Toruń. Since the beginning of 1990 he was employed as process engineer in PZAE Apator –state owned company and since 1993 he was employed as process engineer in Apator SA transformed from the previous state owned company.Since 2000 he took the following positions in Apator SA: senior production specialist, Assembly Department Manager, Process Engineering Department Manager and currently Production Director.

Since 2010 Mr Krzysztof Malec is the member of Supervisory Board in Apator Metrix SA.

Moreover, Mr Krzysztof Malec performed the following functions:

- Plenipotentiary of Managing Director of Apator SA for the Performance of Co-operation Contract with RUG (2001-2002),

- Plenipotentiary of Managing Director of Apator SA for Implementation of Lean Manufacturing (2005)

- Plenipotentiary of Managing Director of Apator SA for the Construction of Manufacturing and Development Centre of Apator SA (May 2011-December 2012),

- Restructuring and Production Director of Pafal in Świdnica (2005-2006),

- Restructuring and Production Director of Powogaz in Poznań (2008-2009).

Mr Krzysztof Malec does not run any competitive business to Apator SA and he is not a partner in any competitive civil law partnership.

He is not a member of any body of competitive capital company and he is not a member in any body of any competitive legal person. Mr Krzysztof Malec is not registered in Insolvent Debtors Register kept based on Act of National Court Register.

Legal base: § 5 para 1 points 21 and 22 and § 27 and § 28 of the Regulation of Minister of Finance regarding current and regular information being transferred by the issuers of securities and conditions to be considered as equivalent information required by law of the country not being the member of the EU.


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