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Conclusion of preliminary contract on purchase of real estate and construction of new headquarters of Apator Powogaz SA

Nr 58/2020
Date and time: 2020/11/06, 16:33
Category: Concluded contracts

The Executive Board of Apator SA ("The Issuer") acting in accordance with the strategy of the Apator Group, commences the performance of the next significant stage for the development of Water and Heat segment related to the process of relocation of Apator Powogaz SA to highly automated manufacturing plant enabling the manufacturing of increasingly technologically advanced products. The relocation process will also enable efficiency boost and increase of manufacturing capacity of Apator Powogaz SA.

The Issuer reminds that under the above process, on 24th July 2020 the preliminary contract of sale of real estate where the present headquarters of Apator Powogaz SA is located for the amount of PLN 63.5 million net (information provided in current report no 44/2020) was concluded.

On 6th November 2020. Apator Powogaz SA concluded the preliminary contract ("Contract") with General Contractor being at the same time the owner of land:

  • acquisition of land with a total area of 2.4 hectares,
  • design and construction of the production facility by 28th February 2022.

The purchased property is located in an attractive location, well connected with, among others, Poznań (Żerniki, the Kórnik municipality neighbouring Poznań, at the intersection of important communication nodes).

Transfer of Apator Powogaz SA to the new headquarters is planned at the end of Q1 2022.

The total value of the Contract is PLN 48.9 million net including:

  • PLN 6.4 million net as the price for acquired land properties,
  • PLN 42.5 million net for remuneration for the design, construction and transfer of ownership of the production hall together with the office part, as well as for the transfer of author's economic copyrights and subsidiary rights to the project.

The price will be paid in the following tranches:

- PLN 4 million net on the date of signing the Contract as a deposit,

- PLN 44.9 million net in monthly instalments from January 2021 to February 2022 as advance payments.

The sources of investment financing will be investment credit and own funds.

The contract contains provisions on:

  • contractual penalties reserved for both parties to the Contract, in particular for delays in performing contractual obligations,
  • securing the claims of both parties, including the claims of Apator Powogaz SA by establishing the mortgage up to PLN 66 million and granting bank guarantees,
  • the possibility for the parties to withdraw from the Contract.

The above mentioned provisions, as well as other provisions contained in the Contract, do not deviate from the conditions commonly applied in contracts of this type.

The conclusion of the final contract for the acquisition of real estate shall take place after the competent authorities issue a building permit and a permit to use the plant, not later than on the 28th February 2022.

 The Issuer will inform about the conclusion of the investment loan contract and the final contract in separate current reports.

Legal basis:

Article 17.1 MAR


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