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Increase of the share capital of a subsidiary, Apator Rector Sp. z o.o.

Nr 55/2018
Date and time: 2018/09/03, 11:07
Category: Others

The Management Board of Apator SA (“Issuer”) informs hereby that on September 3 the Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting of Apator Rector sp. z o.o. (“The Company”), in which the Issuer is a sole shareholder, passed a resolution under which the Company’s share capital shall be increased from the amount of PLN 1,000,000 to PLN 2,000,000 by creating additional 1,000 new shares of a nominal value of PLN 1,000 each and a total nominal value of PLN 1,000,000.

The newly created shares shall be taken up by the Issuer for a contribution in cash in the amount of PLN 30 million by September 30, 2018, at the latest. The difference (agio) between the nominal share value and the value of contribution paid for shares, in the amount of PLN 29 million, shall be allocated to the Company supplementary capital.

The financial resources obtained by the Company following the increase in its capital shall be used to pay the loan in the amount of PLN 30 million, granted to the Company by the Issuer, of which it informed in the current report No. 44/2017 of November 27, 2017.

The above transactions shall not affect the level of external debt of the Apator Group, while they shall strengthen the development opportunities for the company Apator Rector.

Specific legal grounds: 

Article 17 MAR – confidential information


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