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Intention to merger dependent companies

Nr 14/2018
Date and time: 2018/03/29, 15:08
Category: Others

The Managing Board of Apator SA informs about the intention to merger in 2018 two dependent companies, i.e.  Apator Control sp. z o.o. Ltd Co.  with its seat in Toruń and Apator Elkomtech SA with its seat in Łódź.

The merger shall take place by transferring of the whole property of Apator Control (merger by taking over) to  Apator Elkomtech SA company.

Both companies act within the segment of smart grid. The effectiveness of management shall take place and the synergy effects in the operational area by optimum use of the companies’  property shall be achieved as a result of that merger. 

Legal basis: Art. 17 subpara. 1 of MAR – inside information. 


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