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Current reports

Notification of transactions in shares of Apator SA

Nr 23/2023
Date and time: 2023/11/21, 13:39
Category: Purchase/sale of shares

The Management Board of Apator SA announces that it has received notifications about the following transactions in shares of Apator SA:

  • from Tadeusz Sosgórnik and Janusz Marzygliński (Members of the Supervisory Board of Apator SA) about the transaction of purchase/sale of 20.000 registered shares of Apator SA concluded between them on 21/11/2023,
  • from Lexon Sp. z o.o. (a person closely related to Tadeusz Sosgórnik, Member of the Supervisory Board of Apator SA) about the sale of a total of 48.524 bearer shares of Apator SA on 15–20/11/2023.

The full content of the notifications is attached hereto.

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Notification J. Marzygliński 21.11.2023
(pdf) 96.99KB
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Notification Lexon 15-20.11.2023
(pdf) 98.25KB
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Notification T. Sosgórnik 21.11.2023
(pdf) 43.53KB


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