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Current reports

Notification received pursuant to Article 69 of the Act on Public Offering

Nr 31/2022
Date and time: 2022/05/23, 13:07
Category: Others

The Management Board of Apator SA announces that it received the notification under art 69 section 1 (1) of the Act dated 29th July 2005 on Public Offer and Conditions of Introducing Financial Instruments to Organized Trading System and on Public Companies from Mr Tadeusz Sosgórnik about increase of share above the threshold of 10% of total number of votes at General Shareholders Meeting of Apator SA.

The increase of shares was the result of purchase of 50.000 registered shares of Apator SA of which the Management Board informed in the current report no 30/2022. Mr Tadeusz Sosgórnik informed the Company that:

  • before purchase of shares he had 1.466.738 shares of Apator SA, it constituted 4.48% share in share capital and 5.377.544 votes from shares owned, 9.82% of total number of votes;
  • after purchase of shares he has 1.516.738 shares of Apator SA, it is 4.63% share in share capital authorizing to make 5.577.544 votes giving 10.18% of total number of votes.

The notice referred to above is attached to this report.

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Notice of crossing the threshold T. Sosgórnik
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