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Purchase of 20.80% shares in indirect subsidiary - Apator Telemetria sp. z o. o.

Nr 33/2021
Date and time: 2021/08/26, 11:05
Category: Acquisition/sale of assets

The Executive Board of Apator SA ("the Company") announces that on 26th August 2021 contracts were concluded with four natural persons - partners of Apator Telemetria sp. z o. o. (Słupsk) - contracts based on which the Company acquired 512 shares in Apator Telemetria sp. z o.o. for the total amount of 12.1 million PLN. The shares are 20.80% of share capital of Apator Telemetria sp. z o.o. and they entitle to make 20.80% of total number of votes.

Apator Telemetria sp. z o.o. that has been in the Apator Group since 2009 is one of the main R&D facilities in the Group. In view of its significant importance for the development of the product offer and remote reading systems, the decision was taken to increase the capital involvement in this company.

The subsidiary Apator Powogaz SA has 61.82% share in share capital of Apator Telemetria sp. z o. o. and 61.82% share in total number of votes.

In result of contracts concluded, Apator SA and Apator Powogaz SA have in total 82.62% share in share capital of Apator Telemetria sp. z o. o. and 82.62% share in total number of votes.


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