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Recommendation of the Management Board of Apator SA on payment of dividend from the profit in financial year 2023

Nr 12/2024
Date and time: 2024/05/28, 13:51
Category: Dividend

The Management Board of Apator SA recommends the payment of dividend from the profit for financial year 2023 in gross amount of PLN 0.40 per share. The total value of the dividend will be PLN 13,1 million.

For the dividend from the profit for 2023, an advance payment of PLN 0.20 gross per share was paid on the 21st December 2023. The Management Board proposes to pay the remaining part of the dividend in the amount of PLN 0.20 gross per share on the 11th July 2024.

The Supervisory Board of Apator SA gave positive opinion to the recommendation presented and the final decision concerning the amount of dividend will be made by Ordinary General Shareholders Meeting of Apator SA planned to be held on the 26th June 2024.


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