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Current reports

Registration of the changes in the Statute of Apator SA

Nr 56/2021
Date and time: 2021/12/29, 19:04
Category: General Shareholders Meetings

The Executive Board of Apator SA announces that it received the information about registration by the District Court in Torun, VII Economic Department of the National Court Register of the changes in the Statute of Apator SA.

The changes in the Statute were made under the Resolution no. 21/VI/2021 of the Ordinary General Shareholders Meeting of Apator SA dated 29th June 2021 and they regard reduction of share capital of Apator SA and change of its structure due to redemption of 29100 bearer shares giving the right to 29100 votes at General Shareholders Meeting acquired under the programme of buyout of own shares.

The present share capital of Apator SA is 3,277,722.80 PLN (three million two hundred seventy seven thousand seven hundred twenty two 80/100 PLN) and it is divided into 7.337.001 (seven million three hundred thirty seven thousand one) registered shares of A series and 25.440.227 (twenty five four hundred fourty thousand two hundred twenty seven) bearer shares of A, B and C series of nominal value 0,10 PLN (ten groszy) each. The total number of votes at the General Meeting of Shareholders resulting from all issued shares is 54,788,231..

The Issuer encloses consolidated text of the Statute adopted by the Resolution no 22/VI/2021 of the Ordinary General Shareholders Meeting of Apator SA on 29th June 2021.

Legal basis:

§ 5 (1) of the Regulation of Minister of Finance dated 29th March 2018 on current and periodical information being transferred by the issuers of securities and on conditions of recognition of information required by law of non-member country as equal.

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The consolidated text of the statute of Apator SA
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