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Revision of current report no 16/2015 - Apator Powogaz SA and ING Bank Śląski SA signed the annex to the long-term loan contract

Nr 13/2016
Date and time: 2016/04/19, 16:36
Category: Others

The Management Board of Apator SA announces that subsidiary – Apator Powogaz SA („Company”) and ING Bank Śląski SA on 19th April 2016 signed the annex to the long-term loan contract dated   5th May 2015 where based on it the value of the contractual mortgage that had been established lien on the property of the Company was reduced from the amount of PLN 76, 8 m to the amount of      PLN 33 m.

The long-term loan contract dated 5th May 2015 regarded the granting of loan in amount up to       PLN 64 m is to be destined to:

a)     refinancing  the acquisition of Miitors ApS up to the amount of PLN 24 m,

b)    financing the next potential acquisitions of the Company up to the amount of PLN 40 m.

Further to the drawing of the loan sole to finance the acquisitions of Miitors ApS and Fellows s.c. in total value of the loan has been reduced to current amount of PLN 27, 5 m.

The above information is the revision of current report no. 16/2015 "Apator Powogaz - subsidiary and Raiffeisen Bank Polska SA concluded the important contracts” dated 6th May 2015.

Legal basis: art. 56 para 5 of the act dated 29th July 2005 on public bid and conditions of introduction of financial instruments to organized trading system and public companies. 


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