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Significant insurance contracts concluded for the entitties of Grupa Apator

Nr 36/2012
Date and time: 2012/06/29, 00:29
Category: Concluded contracts

The Executive Board of Apator SA announces that on 29th June 2012 within comprehensive insurance program of property and civil liability of entities in Grupa Apator – Apator SA concluded insurance contracts with pool of insurance companies PZU SA/STU Ergo Hestia SA for the period of two years with two separate settlement periods included: since the 1st July 2012 till the 30th June 2013 and since the 1st July 2013 till the 30th June 2014. Insurance contracts concern:

- civil liability related to business activity and product launched on the market – essential guaranteed amount in value of 30 m PLN,

- loss of profit based on insurance of property against all risks,

- insurance against damage to machines,

- insurance of electric machines against electrical damages,

- insurance of electronic equipment against all risks,

- insurance of property during transportation.

Criterion to consider the above mentioned contracts as significant one is the value exceeding 10% equities of Apator SA.The contracts do not include any provisions related to:

- special conditions that would differ from commonly ones applied in such type of contracts,

- reservations to the condition and term,

- contractual penalties.

Additionally, Apator SA concluded the contracts for all the entities of Grupa Apator that cover:- motor vehicle insurance

– contract concluded with TUiR Warta SA for the period since the 1st July 2012 till the 30th June 2013;

- voyage insurance – contract concluded with PZU SA for the period since the 1st July 2011 till 30th June 2013 – second settlement period 2012/2013 is continued.

Moreover, Apator SA continues the insurance against responsibility of the members of Executive Board and Supervisory Board in Chartis Europe SA, Branch Office in Poland (main insurance policy) and in ACE European Group Ltd. Sp. z o. o., Branch office in Poland (second layer policy).

Legal basis: § 5 para 1 point 3 of the Regulation of Minister of Finance regarding current and regular information being transferred by the issuers of securities and conditions to be considered as equivalent information required by law of the country not being the member of the EU.


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