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Situation of GWi (UK)

Nr 11/2024
Date and time: 2024/04/05, 16:20
Category: Others

The Management Board of Apator SA informs that as a result of the unfavourable developments in the British gas market, there has been a significant deterioration in the prospects of operations and financial condition at GWi Ltd. ("GWi").

After analysing this situation in the light of British law, the Management Board of GWi intends to file a petition for the commencement of pre-packaged sales in administrations.

In view of the above, the Management Board of Apator SA informs that due to the discontinuation of the activities of GWi Ltd., it will create appropriate provisions in the consolidated financial statements for the year 2023 in the estimated amount of GBP 2 million (approximately PLN 10 million). The impact of the GWi situation on the Apator Group, as well as the estimated amount of provisions, is the subject of analysis by an auditor.

The Management Board of Apator SA indicates that the potential costs associated with the liquidation of GWi are difficult to estimate as of the date of publication of this report. However, the liabilities arising from the loan taken by GWi amounting to GBP 4 million, within the framework of the joint credit limit from the multicellular agreement with PKO BP SA bank, remain within the Apator Group and do not affect the consolidated financial statements of the Apator Group. The loan will be repaid according to the agreement by the Apator Group.

The Management Board of Apator SA informs that it has provided information regarding the situation of GWi based on the current state of knowledge, which means that the emergence of other risks cannot be ruled out.

The company GWi is headquartered in Coventry, United Kingdom, and is a 100% subsidiary of Apator Metrix SA.


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