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The forecast of consolidated financial results for 2013

Nr 6/2013
Date and time: 2013/02/21, 00:00
Category: Financial forecast

The Executive Board of Apator SA announces the forecast of consolidated financial results for 2013 that are as follows: - consolidated revenues on sales in total in the range 700 m PLN – 730 m PLN- total consolidated net profit in the range 68 m PLN – 71 m PLN- consolidated net profit per shareholders of parent entity in the range 63 m PLN - 66 m PLN During preparation of the above forecast the following were taken into consideration: - high level of sales performed by all the entities of Apator’s group- intensive activity of Newind sp. z o. o. IT market - running the operation of Apator SA in Pomeranian Special Economic Zone - high share of export in revenues on sales in total- average annual Eur exchange rate assumed at the level of 4,10 PLN - value of hedging transactions and their influence on financial result of Apator’s group - make-up of capital group of Apator covering the following entities: Apator SA, FAP Pafal SA, Apator Mining sp. z o. o., Apator Control sp. z o. o., Apator Elektro SA, Apator GmbH, group of Apator Powogaz (Apator Powogaz SA, Apator Telemetria sp. z o. o., Apator Metroteks sp. z o. o., Apator Metra s. r. o., Teplovodomer SA), Apator Rector sp. z o. o. with Newind sp. z o. o. and Apator Metrix SA with GWi Ltd. The Executive Board of parent entity monitors the performance of the forecast of consolidated financial results of capital group based on the system of monthly and quarterly financial statements.Evaluation of possibilities of the performance of forecast results is presented in regular quarterly financial statements being announced to the public. The adjustment to the forecast is made based on decision made by the Executive Board of Apator SA and it is announced by current report.

Legal base for the report: § 5 article 1 point 25 of the Regulation of Minister of Finance regarding current and regular information being transferred by the issuers of securities and conditions of the information to be considered as equivalent one required by law of the country not being the member of the EU. 


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